Hello PDC Example

PDC Hello World

  • pdc_init.c

  • A PDC program starts with PDCinit and finishes with PDCclose.

  • To a simple hello world program for PDC, use the following command.

make pdc_init
./run_test.sh ./pdc_init
  • The script “run_test.sh” starts a server first. Then program “obj_get_data” is executed. Finally, the PDC servers are closed.

  • Alternatively, the following command can be used for multile MPI processes.

make pdc_init
./mpi_test.sh ./pdc_init mpiexec 2 4
  • The above command will start a server with 2 processes. Then it will start the application program with 4 processes. Finally, all servers are closed.

  • On supercomputers, “mpiexec” can be replaced with “srun”, “jsrun” or “aprun”.