Proactive Data Containers (PDC)

Proactive Data Containers (PDC) software provides an object-centric API and a runtime system with a set of data object management services. These services allow placing data in the memory and storage hierarchy, performing data movement asynchronously, and providing scalable metadata operations to find data objects. PDC revolutionizes how data is stored and accessed by using object-centric abstractions to represent data that moves in the high-performance computing (HPC) memory and storage subsystems. PDC manages extensive metadata to describe data objects to find desired data efficiently as well as to store information in the data objects.

PDC API, data types, and developer notes are available in docs/

More information and publications of PDC is available at

If you use PDC in your research, please use the following citation:

Byna, Suren, Dong, Bin, Tang, Houjun, Koziol, Quincey, Mu, Jingqing, Soumagne, Jerome, Vishwanath, Venkat, Warren, Richard, and Tessier, François. Proactive Data Containers (PDC) v0.1. Computer Software. USDOE. 11 May. 2017. Web. doi:10.11578/dc.20210325.1.

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